After Sale Services!
Full after-sales service!
The relationship we develop with our clients is a lasting relationship and does not stop in the financial transaction of the market and the sale. We focus our attention on our customers even after signing the contracts by providing them with a complete package of services.
  • Manage payments for utility bills (electricity, water, etc.) and other home expenses during your absence.
  • Schedule cleaning your property before and during your stay.
  • Planning garden maintenance / landscaping by gardener and swimming pool maintenance.
  • Interior & exterior design and decoration.
  • Renting your property for a short or long period and supervising it during your rental.
  • Collection / booking / mailing and e-mail update service.
  • Acquisition of TAM / Annual tax support / Opening of bank accounts.
  • Host guest services (for prospective customers).
  • Customer support when issuing a loan or providing information for banks.
Our principles are credibility, consistency and confidentiality in brokerage mediation as well as maintaining unbroken relationships between our clients.